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SYSTRANS SOFT TECH SOLUTION Founded in Aug 2015, At JODHPUR RAJASTHAN -INDIA is a premier IT organization driven towards providing the best of the technology era through solutions locally and globally with a slogan 'Green Your Business With Right Solution'. Systrans Soft Tech delivers technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients and create unmatched business value for clients through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. At SYSTRANS, we believe in the probability of Information and Communication Technology as a secure and rewarding experience as well as a powerful tool for both economic and infrastructure development.

  • Systrans Soft Tech is an certified company since 2015.
  • Established in 2015; a IT Company under the Company Act of India.
  • SYSTRANS having team of 15 highly skilled developers and Support Staff.
  • We have over 100 satisfied clients – Schools, Co-Operatives, NGO's, Finance, E-commerce, etc.

Lotus School Management Solution Lotus SMS is a School/College/Insitution Management Software particularly developed to manage the daily school/College tasks such as Admissions, Fee Structure Creation, Fee Submission and Due List (students who have not submitted fees for a particular Duration), Daily Cash Book, Expences Voucher, Bank Adjuestment, Exam Management, Transport Management. With the help of Software client can maintain their excellent administrative management and fully utilize their resources.

Trust, Honesty, Innovation, Integrity are some values influencing the way we meet client needs.


Major Clients

Join 100+ satisfied schools from major cities of India.